How did I handle Hurricane Irma before, during and after the it hit me?

Well if I has to say anything about the Hurricane; it was a force to reckon with. I live in Puerto Rico and living here isn’t too easy, considering the fact that the main power plant that powers the entire island isn’t very effective and stable. Before the hurricane hit, people where calm and collected about the hole situation, while others were most likely not. There where many people worried about the uncertain outcome of severe flooding in their areas, landslides, and most importantly the amount of damage that it would cause. But we were yet not to aware of what was yet to come.

Before everything actually happened, I was pretty calm about the situation. I was thinking: “A category 5 hurricane? That won’t do much damage…depends on the area at least. I wonder how much time our power will be out”. Well moments later me after being alerted that there wasn’t going to be any class due to it; I decided to go to my dads workplace because he had a plan for this predicament. Of course id assume he would have been more professional about it, but instead he started freaking out about it. Then the real fun began when we got to my dad’s house. In my dad’s panic he had the bright idea of hiding almost every in the apartment; I literally didn’t understand what was happening at one point. It got tedious pretty fast.

After we were done stuffing everything in the closet and bathroom, we then went to the car and packed our essentials and headed to my moms house. When we got home and go settled down, we soon sat down and waited for the hurricane to arrive. Several hours passed as we sat down doing our usual habits: playing video games, watching TV and scrolling through our phones. As hours passed we started to experience heavy rain and thunder, eventually causing our power to slowly fade and eventually go out completely.

Oh boy! Now this is when it started getting worse! As the sun was setting my dad started becoming impatient so he looked for batteries and prepared the flashlights. As he got supper nervous my mom just sat down and took it easy. As it got dark, the winds started blowing at immense speed; so fast you could hear them. You could hear multiple things crashing outside, doors closing and cans rolling. This was also another reason why it got difficult. My dad was just sitting there, on the recliner hugging the radio and closely listening to the news for hours and hours; it was aggravating me and my mom because he couldn’t calm down. Me and my mom just decided to relax to the sound of the wind and us talking, while he desperately checked his car over and over to see if anything landed on it.  After all the conflict and boredom we eventually went to sleep.

The next day it got even worse! I can’t even believe it got worse! As my dad left I felt a slight calmness in the air, but it wouldn’t last for long. Having no power for the long period of time I went through with nothing to do, really did a toll on me. Have you ever felt like your loosing your mind? I sure did! During those 3 days the only thing I could think of was getting out of my house and talking to my neighbors. I played games with them and tried to have as much fun as possible, because I couldn’t stand not doing anything.

Another hard aspect about this was the lack of food. I was almost starving. Me and my mom literally had to cook almost everything in the fridge on the stove, because we were hungry. I think at one point I just wanted to drink water, because eating wasn’t satisfying me. In other words I was burning through all that built up energy I barely use. It was pretty hard after a while and I wasn’t too happy about it. I felt miserable.

Eventually the power came back while I was playing with neighbors. Everything was back to normal…at least that’s what I thought. Me as ignorant as usual kept having fun with my friend and invited him home and talked for a while and watched a series. After he left I stayed awake until 3:00 am like I usually do when I’m bored. The next day I thought everything was over and I could finally go back to studying normally and playing some video games…until i got the news. My dad still didn’t have any power and I had to go back to his house, and because of the damage I still don’t have power up to this day.

This experience in my life has been very hard since we all get use to living in comfort, and that’s our own fault. It’s sad that people only share their time with others only if something like this happens. I honestly feel like we should spend more time with each other; I actually had a lot of fun.


How do I live with the web? How would i live without it?

How do I live with the web?

Mostly, living in the world of the web is a wonder to me. Unlike most people who use it for commercial and social media in a more lucrative form; I use it as a way to meet and connect with people across the world. In other words it’s like saying that I live in the web. Why do I say that I live in it? Well it’s pretty simple actually. The people I meet on the web aren’t just random people to me, there my family, and I love every one of them. It’s also a way for me to entertain myself. I love to play games, and most importantly with my friends.

Another reason why I use the web, is to acquire information. Without it id be in the dark and id have a hard time finding most of the information that couldn’t be found in books. The web is filled with many pieces of information that people can find useful. I’ve personally found it a good tool for my daily life. Throughout the years I’ve decided to make the web my home, and as my home I’ve enjoyed to live in it.

How would I live without the web?

Now the question remains; how would I live without it? Well if I were to think of not using it anymore and shutting myself off entirely from the web, I might end up in a deep spiraling depression. Like I said before, the people in it are my family, so I couldn’t live without it. Oh yeah! That’s another fact; it would also make my life harder since I rely on the information on it most of the time. Another fact would be, I don’t have many resources available around my area. This would honestly be a predicament, since getting things done would take a lot my time.

Now on a more positive side, it would increase my interest to hang out with my parents, but considering I’m not much of a “going out kinda person; it wouldn’t work. Another fact would be, id never make any friends due peoples schedules. I guess living on the internet and secluded from the world has made me an “internet zombie”, but as far as that concerns me, is very little. I’m still the same the person and i haven’t changed.

Well i hope you all enjoyed this short opinion. Thanks for visiting my blog! 😀