How do I live with the web? How would i live without it?

How do I live with the web?

Mostly, living in the world of the web is a wonder to me. Unlike most people who use it for commercial and social media in a more lucrative form; I use it as a way to meet and connect with people across the world. In other words it’s like saying that I live in the web. Why do I say that I live in it? Well it’s pretty simple actually. The people I meet on the web aren’t just random people to me, there my family, and I love every one of them. It’s also a way for me to entertain myself. I love to play games, and most importantly with my friends.

Another reason why I use the web, is to acquire information. Without it id be in the dark and id have a hard time finding most of the information that couldn’t be found in books. The web is filled with many pieces of information that people can find useful. I’ve personally found it a good tool for my daily life. Throughout the years I’ve decided to make the web my home, and as my home I’ve enjoyed to live in it.

How would I live without the web?

Now the question remains; how would I live without it? Well if I were to think of not using it anymore and shutting myself off entirely from the web, I might end up in a deep spiraling depression. Like I said before, the people in it are my family, so I couldn’t live without it. Oh yeah! That’s another fact; it would also make my life harder since I rely on the information on it most of the time. Another fact would be, I don’t have many resources available around my area. This would honestly be a predicament, since getting things done would take a lot my time.

Now on a more positive side, it would increase my interest to hang out with my parents, but considering I’m not much of a “going out kinda person; it wouldn’t work. Another fact would be, id never make any friends due peoples schedules. I guess living on the internet and secluded from the world has made me an “internet zombie”, but as far as that concerns me, is very little. I’m still the same the person and i haven’t changed.

Well i hope you all enjoyed this short opinion. Thanks for visiting my blog! 😀


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